B Team Routines

XS Latin B team was formed in 2011 and started its journey with a routine based on the musical Cabaret. Here you can read a little about Cabaret and other routines, including their history and where the team performed with each routine.

2015 – 2016

With a record number of members, XS Latin B started the 2015 season looking forward to a new challenge.  Given her prolific back-catalogue of music, Madonna has been used as a basis for a latin formation routine relatively rarely.  However, the popular and energetic music was to prove a perfect choice for XS Latin B and the music was wonderfully mixed by the A Team’s Kien Trinh.

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The Blues Brothers
2013 – 2014

After the success of Cabaret, XS Latin B were looking to build and progress with a faster and more challenging routine.  The Blues Brothers had been mooted as a theme for XS A on several occasions but had never come to fruition as a routine.  However, with lots of energy and a wonderful catalogue of popular music, it seemed a perfect second theme for XS B.

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2011 – 2012

Taking its inspiration from the Kander and Ebb musical, XS Latin B Team’s first routine was Cabaret.  Featuring standards such as Money, Money, Maybe This Time, Mein Herr and the classic title track, the routine aimed to evoke a feel of the Broadway musical and the Oscar winning film starring Liza Minnelli.

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