2015 – 2016

With a record number of members, XS Latin B started the 2015 season looking forward to a new challenge.  Given her prolific back-catalogue of music, Madonna has been used as a basis for a latin formation routine relatively rarely.  However, the popular and energetic music was to prove a perfect choice for XS Latin B and the music was wonderfully mixed by the A Team’s Kien Trinh.

The routine opens and finishes with Vogue and this classic track has inspired both the distinctive styling of the walk-on and walk-off and the costuming of the women.  The ladies wear elegant black and pink gowns designed and made by DC Dancewear of Coventry, whilst the men are in a classic black look.  The music travels through Madonna music of different periods, including Hanky PankyHung Up and Substitute for Love and includes a clock motif running through the piece to reference this.

XS Latin B was proud to debut Vogue at the British Open Championships in Blackpool on 29th May 2015.


Vogue was performed at: