BYU Pip Beijing to British Open Title as Two XS Teams Make the Final

2016 saw the British Open Festival amend its regular timetable and the Latin Formation Championship move from the usual Friday slot to Wednesday evening.  Eight high standard teams arrived to contest the title with a semi-final and final round being scheduled.

The first round saw a very good standard of formation dancing, with Brigham Young University, from the USA, and Beijing Dance Academy both putting down strong challenges for the title.  Fever B Team, with their Michael Jackson tribute programme, and Zig Zag team, dancing their new and innovative Angels and Demons routine, were the two teams who were unlucky not to make the final.

The final opened with Ystrad Fawr dancing their Jersey Boys routine.  The team had seen some personnel changes since the Nationals in November 2015 and placed fifth.  XS Latin B team were delighted to safely make the final with their Vogue routine.  The team put together their two best competitive performances so far and danced two very clean and polished performances, placing them sixth in the final.  The two pre-Championship favourites did not disappoint but offered wildly different formation routines.  Winning by six judges to five, Brigham Young University danced a classic latin formation routine, Ritmo del Corazon, to latin standards such as Mas Que Nada and Oye Como Va with tremendous energy, power and precision. Beijing Dance Academy’s offering, entitled Alive, was creative and original.  Incorporating contemporary dance into the choreography, the work was a very different style to BYU and divided the judges.  XS Latin A team debuted their brand new Wicked routine. The first round was a little tentative but the final showed much more confidence and energy resulting in the team being delighted to secure third spot behind the Chinese team.  Fever A team placed fourth with a clean and strong rendition of their Fifty Shades of Grey themed programme.

XS Latin A team were particularly pleased to announce Ballroom Bling as their new sponsors.   Ballroom Bling have produced customised accessories for the A team based around the new Wicked theme and the team were excited to wear these for the Championship.  XS Latin would like to thank Rachel Gibbons and her Bling team for their support and look forward to the developing relationship.

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