Zuvedra wins the 2011 World Latin Formation Championships

On December 2nd 2011, XS Latin A team flew to Vilnius in Lithuania for the 2011 World Latin Formation Championships.  The anticipation for this competition had been building for several months: the host team had prepared very hard for the competition but were to face stiff competition from the 2010 World Champions, Vera, from Russia and the 2009 World Champions, GGC Bremen, who had just convincingly won the German Nationals with their new routine, Blast.

After drawing first, XS Latin took to the floor in the Siemens Arena to dance their Priscilla, Queen of the Desert routine.  The team were not intimidated by the capacity crowd in the stadium as they produced an even better performance than their recent British National winning outing and received a tremendously warm response from the huge audience.  Despite this, strong competition and an unfortunate draw meant that the team were disappointed to finish in 14th position.  They were, however, encouraged by the many positive comments they received from other teams and coaches several of whom felt that they were very unlucky not to make the semi-final on this occasion.  XS Latin would like to thank many of their competitors for their kind and encouraging comments.

By the time of the final the atmosphere in the stadium was utterly incredible.  The Lithuanian team, Zuvedra A, produced a truly superb performance in the final, following a string of strong performances in the early rounds, to earn a massive standing ovation and a convincing victory.  The 2010 Champions, Vera, attacked the final hard in a bid to defend their title but it was not enough and they had to be content with the silver medal.  In a reversal of the recent result at the German Nationals, Aachen-Dusseldorf won the bronze medal with a very classy performance of their Like A Rose programme.  GGC Bremen must have been very disappointed to finish in fourth.

The competition was a particularly well organised one and XS Latin would like to thank the organisers for a superb and enjoyable World Championships.  The team would also like to thank the many supporters who flew out to Lithuania to cheer on the British Champions and who made their presence felt in the huge and sold-out stadium.
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