XS Latin wins its fourth British National Title

The 2010 British National Formation Championship, held in Blackpool, was the biggest national formation competition in many people’s memory, with 7 teams competing for the title. After a semi-final and an exciting final, XS emerged triumphant to become 2010 British National Champions, with nine of the 11 judges marking them in first place.

Ystrad Fawr Latin Team, trained by Philip and Carol Perry, performed their Whitney Houston choreography to finish as runners-up, with Fever Latin Team, trained by Rachael Holland and Ute Albanese, dancing their brand new New York, Rio, Tokyo routine to take the bronze medal.

Full results can be found at Scrutelle

The team and coaches would like to thank all of our supporters and our sponsors, Capezio.


  1. XS Latin, Cambridge trained by David Mallabone and Bruce Lait
    Routine: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
    Marks: 12111111211
  2. Ystrad Fawr Latin Team, trained by Philip and Carol Perry
    Routine: Whitney Houston
  3. The Fever Latin Team, Preston trained by Rachael Holland and Ute Albanese
    Routine: New York, Rio, Tokyo
  4. TDE Manchester, trained by Darren Hulme
    Routine: Whitney Houston
  5. Fever Changes, trained by Rachael Holland and Jillian Donaldson
    Routine: Everything Changes, the music of Take That


  1. Hotsteps Adult Latin Team, trained by Nikki Randall
    Routine: Classically Bond
  2. Unity, trained by Kerrie Tomlinson-Allen
    Routine: Elvis Presley

The Team

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