XS Latin makes international final in Austria

In their final competition of an intense 2010 season, XS Latin travelled to Perchtoldsdorf in Austria to compete in the Donaupokal Formation International. Nineteen teams from across Europe entered the competitions and, after dancing their best performance of the year, XS were delighted to finish in fourth place in the Donaupokal Cup. This represents the team’s best result overseas and sets them in good stead as they prepare for the 2011 season.

The competition was won by the hosts, HSV Zwolfaxing, dancing their Falco programme, with Schwarz-Gold Wien dancing Move to finish as runners-up, and Germany’s TSG Ludwigsburg A-Team, performing their Crazy Fire routine to complete the medal rostrum.

In the face of such a high standard of competition, XS were pleased to receive full recalls to both the semi-final and the final. Only taking a tiny supporters group of their own, the team were thrilled with the very vocal support they received from the dancers and supporters of other teams in the semi-final and final and would like to thank the organisers for another friendly and well-organised Donaupokal.


  1. HSV-Zwolfaxing (AUT)
    Routine: Falco
  2. Schwarz-Gold Wien (AUT)
    Routine: Move
  3. TSG Ludwigsburg (GER)
    Routine: Crazy Fire
  4. XS Latin, Cambridge (ENG)
    Routine: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
  5. TDE Gala (HUN)
    Routine: Love

9 teams competed
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