World Championships 2008

The hotly anticipated 2008 World Latin Formation Championships did not disappoint! 22 Teams from around the world descended on Wiener Neustadt, Austria, to compete for the title. With the standard across all teams higher than ever, XS Latin were thrilled to receive two recalls to the semi-final, placing them 14th overall.

Excitingly, the Lithuanian team won the competition, beating the top German team for the first time in three years. Many teams who have previously been in contention for finalist places were not recalled to the semi-final, proving once again that the calibre of Latin Formation is increasing universally.



  1. Klaipeda University DSC “ZUVEDRA” A (Lithuania)
    Routine: James Bond
  2. Grün-Gold-Club Bremen (Germany)
    Routine: Siamo Noi
  3. TSZ Velbert (Germany)
    Routine: Fortis Nova

  1. XS Latin (England)
    Routine: Night Fever

(21 teams competed)
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The Team

Tobias Berger Pauliina Markkula
Adam Bailey Catherine Jagger
Robert Less Diane Williams
Alex Marsh Mai Trinh
Maurice Ringer Mary Ringer
Kennieth Yong Mary Issitt
David Tan Lisa McIntyre
Andras Zsak Dafni Metaxa


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