XS Latin competes at British Open Championships 2008

Competing with their new Night Fever routine for the first time, XS Latin gave a good performance at the 2008 British Open in Blackpool and secured their chance to represent England at the World Championships later in the year in Austria.


  1. Bremen Grun-Gold Club A (Germany) (R.Albanese,S.Emmrich,U.Deharde)
  2. Beijing Dancing Academy (China) (L.Zhu,M.Chapman,H.Fan)
  3. TCS TK Altenburg Schwarz-Gold (Germany) (Brigit Schaller)
  4. Utah Valley University Latin Team (USA) (Scott Asbell)
  5. Encore Latin-American Formation Team (England) (Martin Cutler)
  6. XS Latin Team (England) (Bruce Lait and David Mallabone)
  7. Fever Latin Team (England) (Rachael Holland)
  8. Idaho Academy Latin Team (USA) (Shaun Fisher & Joy Watts)
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