XS Latin competes in exciting world championships in Moscow

The 2010 World Formation Championships proved to be a very exciting event. After never placing in the top 3 at a world championships, the hosts, Russia, won the gold medal. Vera, dancing Ever Shining Star, their tribute to Michael Jackson, took the top spot with a majority of second places. Zuvedra, Lithuania, danced a beautiful final to take the silver medal, while the title holders, GGC Bremen, debuted their new routine, Genesis, to take the bronze.

XS, dancing its Priscilla, Queen of the Desert routine for the first time at an international competition, gave its best ever performance, achieving three recalls to the semi-final and finishing 13th.

The team and coaches would like to thank all of our supporters and our sponsors, Capezio.


  1. Vera Tyumen (Russia)
    Routine: Always a Shining Star (Michael Jackson)
  2. Klaipeda University DSC “ZUVEDRA” A (Lithuania)
    Routine: Hurricane, Wind of Change
  3. Grün-Gold-Club Bremen (Germany)
    Routine: Genesis

  1. XS Latin (England)
    Routine: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

(17 teams competed)
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