XS Latin competes at British Open Championships 2010

XS Latin have qualified to represent England at the World Latin Formation Championships (to be held in Moscow in October) after performing their new Priscilla, Queen of the Desert routine for the first time at the British Open Championships.


  1. Brigham Young University Team trained by Lee and Linda Wakefield, Michael Malitowski, Joanna Leunis, Eugene Katsevman and Maria Manusova(USA)
  2. South Area of Synthetic Art Department Attached by the Conservatory of Music trained by Andy Liang Si Yuan, Jenny Zhang Zhuoni and Michael Chapman (CHN)
  3. Beijing Dance Academy trained by Shi Lin, Jack Hu Yao and Liu Dan (CHN)
  4. TSC Schwarz-Gold Altenburg trained by B Schaller (GER)
  5. Utah Valley University trained by S Asbell and T Boyd (USA)

  1. Fever A trained by R Albanese and R Holland(England)
  2. XS Latin trained by D Mallabone and B Lait (England)
  3. Fever B trained by R Holland and J Donaldson (England)
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