World Latin Formation Championships 2016

The World Latin Formation Championships 2016 were held on 10th December and, once again, GGC Bremen hosted an exciting and large-scale event with a sold-out area of nearly 5000 spectators.

XS A team was proud to present Wicked, Die Hexen von Oz and felt that they achieved their goal of giving their best performance of the year. The team was very encouraged by the audience support for the routine and gave it their all on the floor.

Placing 13th in a strong field, the team was pleased with their ranking relative to other teams against whom they had competed this season, and was the highest placed British team. The team came away full of ambition for how the routine can be developed further next year to do even better!

The women all wore green dresses in accordance with WDSF requirements, but retained the differences in hair style to represent four Elphabas and four Glindas.

Judging system 2.1 had been altered since last year, and the Technique category was scored out of only 8.0 (rather than 10.0, as per the other three categories). The reasoning for this is unclear, and caused confusion with a number of judges marking TQ out of 10.0 by mistake, which is concerning even though scores over 8.0 were later altered.

The Semi-Final and Final showed many changes to the form of recent years, with many countries’ second teams improving to become their countries’ first teams.

The fight for a place in the final was fierce, with a Mongolian team (Moon) making the Final for the first time and ultimately placing 5th ahead of Schwarz-Gold Wien in 6th, but Zwolfaxing missing out and having to settle for 7th place.

Vera Tyumen performed with their usual excellent technique, but some noticeable trick and pattern errors weakened their impact and they placed 4th.

FG Bochum/Velbert were delighted to perform at the World Championships for the first time since 2010 and gave a beautiful performance of their moving Herzschlag (Heartbeat) routine to take the bronze medal.

In Round 1 Duet Perm had beaten GGC Bremen, but in the semi-final GGC Bremen turned this result around. So the battle for first place in the Final was very close.

Duet Perm performed The Race, a routine full of exciting tricks and which once again proved to be very popular with the crowd. However, their tricks are far from their only strength and their synchronicity and patterns were also really spectacular to see.

GGC Bremen gave their international debut of their new Voices, Noises, Melodies routine. The style of their new routine was quite different to their other recent choreographies, appearing to blend the best aspects of German and Russian formation styles.

Both teams were excellent and either would have been worthy winners offering different strengths. Many congratulations to GGC Bremen who ultimately won a narrow victory to take their 8th WM Gold medal.

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