GGC Bremen become 2013 World Formation Champions

On December 14th, GGC Bremen hosted the 2013 WDSF World Formation Championships, the second year in succession where they had hosted the event.  The event was a momentous one for XS Latin for two reasons.  Firstly, it was the first time that both the A and B teams were to compete at the World Championships, a mere two and a half years after the foundation of the B team.  Secondly, the 2014 World Formation Championships marked XS Latin A team’s 50th competition.

Preparations for the Championship had been going incredibly well until a freak accident saw Blaise Thomson, a key team member, break his collarbone exactly a week before the event.  Joseph Roffey once again stepped in at very short notice and worked hard to produce an incredible performance.  The A team danced their best ever performance at the World Championships and were complimented by many audience members on the quality of the run through.  Sadly, Bat Out Of Hell‘s last competitive performance was not to make the semi-final and the team once again finished in 13th place.  The B team danced an excellent performance of The Blues Brothers, their best competitive run-through of this routine so far, and placed 16th.

Some highly political judging from semi-final to final which saw several judges being the only adjudicator to mark their national teams back to the final did not deter the deserved six teams from taking their place in the final.  And what a final it was!  All six teams danced superb performances and the energy and atmosphere in the arena were electric.  The hosts danced an amazing performance of their The Final Countdown routine to secure their second successive World Championship.  Vera Tyumen placed second with their You programme and Aachen-Duesseldorf won the bronze medal with Persia: A New Experience.  Zuvedra from Klaipeda in Lithuania finished fourth with Rio.

XS Latin would like to thank all its friends for all their encouragement in 2013 and, in particular, Capezio Europe for their continued support.


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