Record Breaking 2013 British National Formation Championships

The 2013 British National Latin Formation Championships promised to be an intriguing competition from the outset.  Nine teams arrived to contest the competition, including several highly regarded former junior teams who had just entered the adult division.

XS Latin B team opened the semi-final with their energetic Blues Brothers routine.  The team included several new members who were participating in their first formation competition and had seen a change in team line-up just three weeks before the competition due to unexpected circumstances.  In these circumstances, the team danced a good performance, displaying clean patterns and bundles of energy and were very pleased with their showing.  Seven teams later, the XS Latin A team closed the semi-final with a solid performance of Bat Out of Hell, which showed their experience and speed.

The strength of the 2013 Championship was illustrated by the fact that the 2012 bronze medallists were not to make the final.  XS Latin A closed the final with a superb performance of Bat Out of Hell, which elicited comments from spectators that it was one of the best performances they had ever seen the team give.  The team danced the whole routine with real passion, clarity and power and executed an outstanding roundabout sequence to comfortably secure the Championship with eight first placings and three second placings.  Ystrad Fawr Latin Team won the silver medal and Dance With Passion, from Preston, took third place.

The 2013 Championship is a significant achievement for the team as it means XS Latin becomes the first team in history to win the British National Formation Championships six times.  Particular congratulations go to Rob Less, who has competed on each of the six teams that has won the title.  The team would like to thank all of its friends and supporters and Capezio Europe for their continued support and sponsorship.

There is no rest for either XS A or B, however, as both teams are straight back to work in preparation for the upcoming 2013 World Formation Championships.


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